Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Shop Closed Permanently

Its with a heavy heart that I announce BikeBBQ's permanent closure. I have nothing but respect for our dedicated volunteer staff. The simple truth is that over the past few years we haven't been able to attract enough new folks to keep the lights on. COVID only made the problem worse.

Since we opened our doors in July, 2012 we logged 4377 customer visits teaching folks in Redlands how to fix their own bike. Others slipped through the cracks including the wrenches we started turning at Market Night in 2010. I consider it an honor to have worked alongside such generous and diligent volunteers. We all learned and gained by making ourselves available to help each and every person that walked through the door.

A good friend told me recently, "I think the shop is needed today as much as when we started, but sometimes its best to let things go".

He was right, but if you want to roll your own toolbox down to Market Night, you have my blessing.

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