Sunday, July 22, 2012

Redlands Bicycle Kitchen Soft Grand Opening

The Redlands Bicycle Kitchen is ready for donations!

Soft Grand Opening
SUNDAY, JULY 22 (1pm-7pm)
Behind Augies Coffee Shop - 113 North 5th Street, Redlands, CA
We will have the doors open for those of you that would like to make donations and get a look at the new space.

 We hope to open for business in a few weeks.

For those unfamiliar with bike kitchens this is the basic concept: it’s an independent non-profit /cooperative organization that educate cyclists on bicycle mechanics and ridership, and encourage local cycling. It is a do-it-yourself environment where volunteers show how you how to do repairs and bike maintenance. We take donations for stock parts and time spent using the kitchen and learning from the volunteers. These donations help cover the rent and tools.

Here is a list of parts we could use at the kitchen:

Bikes, spare parts, tires, tubes, old wheels, frames, car racks, trainers, clothing. All bike related products new/used.

Some of the donated bikes will be used for a bike share and/or kid’s rides.

More information to come!


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