Monday, November 1, 2010

What is a Bike BBQ?

a bike bbq is an event where you can learn to work on your own bike. it is entirely FREE, organized by volunteers and meant to help encourage sharing cycling related knowledge, skills, and tools between people in the community.

if you stopped riding your bike when the tire went flat, or find yourself skipping rides because of a strange squeak or creak, then bike bbq is the place for you!

we supply the tools and know how, you supply the bike and the labor, and in the end, everybody rides home with a smile on their face.

the redlands bike bbq was started in the spirit of many other bicycle kitchens, but since its more of an event than establishment, we thought we'd call it a barbeque. Like our patron saint Sheldon Brown, we believe that there is no better way to encourage cycling in the community than to teach people how to maintain and repair their bikes. We do it because its good for the environment, good for our health, and good for the community. We think of bikes as transportation, not toys. (Even though there is nothing more fun than going on a bike ride.)

we currently have access to a basic toolkit, a pump, chain oil, patch kits and rags. If a component on your bike is in need of replacement, you will have to bring it with you. This includes tubes.

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  1. Site looks awesome! I have some tubes that I've been meaning to patch. I will donate them to the the BikeBBQ instead!


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